Software Engineer

Company Name:
Walmart Labs
Software Engineer Position Summary:
Do you like big data? Like really big data? Like multi-petabyte data sets with billions of rows? Do you like the idea of pulling, pushing, slicing, and dicing this data in real-time using using Hadoop, Hbase, Hive and more? Now let's add some intelligence to the mix using machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics and shazam - you have the underpinnings of the newly formed Demand Generation team @WalmartLabs.
A large fraction of sales for the biggest brands on earth (Coca-Cola, Pampers, Reese's...) run through Walmart. Which means that the data we collect is the most complete, accurate and reliable compilation of transactions - anywhere. So we sit at the intersection of big data, predictive analytics, and Walmart's trillion-dollar bottom line as we leverage multiple data sources and apply sophisticated machine learning and data mining algorithms to determine, in close to real time, how, when, where, and for how much we can acquire customers across the multitude of online and offline acquisition channels. By sheer nature of our sample size, @WalmartLabs is in a position do something that no one else can do: determine, with little-to-no variance, exactly who companies should target with their advertisements, and exactly how to do so.
Right now we are leveraging the largest scale retail sales data there is on the planet and building a large-scale system that can process hundreds of millions of events per day to connect advertising impressions, customers and store purchases - all to disrupt the $100B digital advertising business that we know today.
Software Engineer Job Duties:
Build, release, automate and configure developer-ready code and systems into production environments
Design, develop, operate and administer multiple production systems and tools
Work with Java and other related technologies to design and develop high-performance and scalable applications for use within the @WalmartLabs product ecosystem
Help the team leverage and contribute to open source software whenever possible (Cassandra, Gearman, Hadoop, etc.)
Be responsible for laying the foundation for the platform as well as proposing solutions to ease software development, monitoring of software, etc.
Work with Hadoop / MapReduce and large-scale Analytics systems that are capable of ingesting, managing, storing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes of data
Be excited about making an immediate impact on a global scale
Position Description:
Demonstrates up-to-date expertise in Software Engineering and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans.
Leads and participates in medium- to large-scale projects
Leads the discovery phase of medium to large projects to come up with high level design
Leads the work of other small groups of four to six engineers, including offshore associates, for assigned Engineering projects
Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions
Provides support to the business
Troubleshoots business and production issues
It would be ideal if you had the following:
BS/MS in Computer Science or a related technical discipline
0-4 years programming experience in Java
Good generalist experience, ideally working with all layers in the tech stack; experience working with operations and creating software libraries/frameworks
Strong DB skills are a must, should be very strong with mySQL queries
Working knowledge of standard tools for optimizing and testing code; experience building tools/apps and/or working with custom-built tools is a plus
Ability to operate effectively and independently in a dynamic, fluid environment
The eagerness to change the world in a huge way by being a self-motivated learner and builder

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