NOW HIRING: Valet Attendants at Cherry Orchard Shopping Center

Valet Attendant
Part Time (30 hours or less)
Pay Rate:
$12 hourly, plus cash tips
The Valet Attendant at this location is responsible for providing industry-leading service and caring interactions with all guests and patrons. The location does not have a heavy valet clientele, so much of the time the Valet Attendant is able to study, read, or work on similar things that can be done at the valet podium and immediately set aside when a guest approaches.
When operating guest vehicles, the paramount concern is safety and compliance with state and local laws while anticipating your next move to keep up with the demands of the operation. The Valet Attendant works closely with the location leader and shift supervisor to ensure that AmeriPark quality standards are met and exceeded within the location's operations. This position is a hands-on role that requires excellent customer service skills and vehicle operating proficiency in a physically demanding environment. Above all else, we promote a fun and professional work environment where guests are served, time flies, and the client is pleased in all aspects of the operation.
Exceed service expectations of the guest by executing the company mission statement, "Winning through Service"
Communicate professionally at all times with guests, the client, and your teammates
Smile and exude a pleasant and friendly demeanor
Meet and greet all guests upon arrival, opening guest vehicle doors, assisting with unloading vehicle when necessary
Fulfill the brand promise, offering Timely Service, Confident execution of your job duties, and Caring Interactions
Ensure safe and appropriate operation of guest vehicles
Direct traffic when necessary
Anticipate and proactively prepare with your team for substantial arrival or departure traffic
Constantly evaluate opportunities for self-development
Arrive to work prior to your scheduled shift, ready to work at the time scheduled
Work with your teammates to cover all scheduled shifts
Read and react to the weekly email from the location manager
Maintain a neat and clean appearance, following grooming and appearance policy guidelines
Immediately report any incidents or claims to your supervisor
Request and collect relevant fees for use of service
Assist in reconciling end of shift revenue against the ticket distribution with your supervisor
Hours of Operation are currently 10AM-8PM daily, so the part-time hours would be completed within that time frame.

Don't Be Fooled

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